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The photos and clipart that you see here will give you an EXCELLENT idea of my equipment quality, the types of special occasions that I have entertained at, my special effects lighting and especially how much FUN the people at my gigs get to have!

Here are some "Wedding Reception Photos" that I've taken!

This Bride & Groom (Deb & Ray) and their Wedding Guests are definitely enjoying themselves!

Excellent equipment produces superb sound and special effects!

Photos taken at a "St. Patrick's Day Party"!

Couple singing an "Irish Karaoke Tune"!

Dancers at the St. Patrick's Day Party at the Shriner's Club in Sarnia!

Here are more Wedding Reception Photos"!

Wyoming Bride and her Wedding Guests dancing!

Wyoming Wedding Guests are dancing the night away!

"Graduation" is a SPECIAL occasion to be celebrated with family and good friends!

These pretty young ladies from King George VI Public School gladly pose for a "Graduation Photo"!

Graduating couples from Hanna Memorial Public School are enjoying a nice, slow dance!

These are some pictures of "GREENFIELD ENERGY'S Christmas Staff Party" in December 2007!

Dancers enjoying some awesome tunes at their Christmas Party!

Here's my Assistant DJ, Helen, at the DJ Station with the "Spot Dance Prizes"!!

Christmas Staff Party for PRINCESS AUTO!

A "Karaoke Star" is born!

"Kelly & Louise" singing their favourite Karaoke Tune!

Here's some "SPOOKY" Halloween Photos!

Children all dressed up for the Halloween Party at a Campground in Kitchener, Ontario!

Slow Dancers at a Campground Halloween Party!