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My name is Paula Hibbard and I am the Owner/Operator of Karaoke And DJ Konnection.  I have been bringing fun and good times to party-goers for almost 14 years now as a Disc Jockey and Karaoke Show Hostess.  I primarily serve the Southwestern Ontario Area ~ Sarnia, London, Windsor, Chatham, Wallaceburg, but will most certainly consider further distances, if required.  I love music very much and truly enjoy seeing the guests at all the parties having a wonderful time listening, singing along with and dancing to the great variety of both dance music and karaoke tunes that I have to offer! 

I have provided entertainment for many different types of special occasions, including Weddings, Stag And Does, Anniversary Celebrations, Campground Dances, Lounges & Restaurants, St. Patrick's Day Parties, Halloween Parties, Christmas Staff Parties, New Year's Eve Dances, Birthday Parties, Graduations & Proms, Teen Dances, Theme Events, Charity Dances/Events, Golf Tournaments, Award Banquets, Retirement Parties, Hotels & Clubs, Fashion Shows, Corporate Parties, Boat Cruises etc. etc.  All of my DJ Tunes, (100,000 plus available) and my Karaoke Songs (60,000 plus available) are on my Laptop and so it's very easy for me to accomodate your party guests when they make a song request/suggestion!  I play yesterday's favourites and today's hottest tunes in all genres including Country, Oldies, Dance, Rock 'N Roll, Rap, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Metal, Pop, Disco, Ethnic (including, but not limited to Irish, Latin, Italian and Scottish), Waltzes, Big Band, Salsa, Mambo, Fox Trot, Rhumba, Merengue, Reggae, Motown etc.  You are sure to be delighted by my excellent sound quality, tremendous selection of tunes and my special effects lighting which adds to the "party atmosphere" and costs you NO additional money!    

My price for most PARTIES/SPECIAL OCCASSIONS/EVENTS lasting up to 6 hours in length (whether your preference is DJ or Karaoke Service) is Three Hundred and Twenty-Five Dollars (325.00) with any number of additional hours being available at a rate of Fifty Dollars (50.00) per hour.  WEDDING RECEPTIONS lasting up to 6 hours in length are Three Hundred Seventy-Five Dollars (375.00) with any number of additional hours available at a rate of Fifty Dollars (50.00) per hour.  PROMS and NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTIES lasting up to 6 hours in length will cost Four Hundred Fifty Dollars (450.00) with any number of additional hours available at a rate of Fifty Dollars (50.00) per hour.  GRADE EIGHT GRADUATION PARTIES lasting up to 3 hours in length are also available at a cost of Two Hundred Dollars (200.00).  I believe you will find the above prices to be extremely reasonable and very competitive!  *NOTE:  Please add an additional SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS (75.00) to the above prices for a "Combination Gig" consisting of both Karaoke and DJ Services.  Also, a small travelling fee of 50 cents per KM will be charged if I must travel over 75 KM (round trip) from my home in Sarnia, Ontario to the party location.  **NOTE:  All Brides and Grooms are given a "Complimentary Wedding Reception Planner Booklet" to help them more easily prepare for their very special evening!

YOU MAY REACH ME BY TELEPHONING either (519) 383-0300 LOCALLY, 1-866-386-2777 TOLL FREE or by emailing me at phibbard2@cogeco.ca.

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